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Your Roadmap to success without the 9-5

Learn how to work from home legitimately and legally through an ever-growing library of mini-courses designed for people that are building their dream life in between their current one.

If you're tired of...

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Working for people who do not value you as a human being.

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Wasting money on programs and courses that just don’t work.

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Signing up for masterclasses that teach you nothing.

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Being told you have to invest thousands to become a VA

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Posting questions in Facebook groups only to get DMed by 200+ people who care more about your money than your questions.

it's time to change that!

With the VA University, you will get access to an ever-growing library of mini-courses created by a real virtual assistant who built her business from the ground up and then took 40,000 students with her!

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The best part is that the information and strategies taught in every mini-course are the exact same things our virtual team uses to bring in our clients from start-ups to 7-figure businesses and has to lead to our 5-star reputation worldwide!

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what others have said about RAYLA's COURSES


"I would recommend Rayla to anyone I know. She is so helpful and kind. She gives a great support system and is there to help you from step one. I know I can start my business confidently with the help and support of Rayla."

Kaitlyn Ray
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"I had been a VA off and on for about 5 years. I never learned half the things I learned in just a few months following #stalking Rayla. I found so many of the "VA mentors" on FB and TikTok to be disingenuous but never got that vibe with Rayla. She truly tells you how, what, when, where, and isn't going to charge you your firstborn to do it."

Sarah Riley
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"I just finished my 1st Webinar with her, and she was extremely helpful! She explained everything thoroughly and answered any and every question we had. I am so excited to be learning from her and can't wait to see what other helpful information she has in store for us!"

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The VA University is built to support you from start-up to scaling!

The unique format of this program allows you to work at your own pace and only learn what you need to. Each section features a gallery of mini-courses that are short, sweet, and to the point. Why? Because at Ditching the 9-5...we don't believe in fluff! We are here to get sh*t done and we know you are too.

Use the va university to learn things like...

  • How to set up a virtual assistant company legally

  • Where to market your services to reach clients that best fit you

  • When you can expect to get your first client, first review, etc.

  • Why becoming a virtual assistant always seem easier than it is

  • What clients are looking for and what will drive them away

In addition to everything that the University has to offer to you today, it will continue to grow every month with new modules requested by students like you!

Home Desk
frequently asked questions

I am a total tech newbie, will I be able to navigate these courses?

Yes! Our mini-courses range from the basics to in-depth tutorials to allow everyone to learn from where they are.

Is this right for me even if I already started my VA business?

We believe that no one can know everything. There is always more to learn to improve your company, processes, services, and client relationships. So yes! 

Will I get access to all of the courses at once?

Yes! Once your payment has been verified, you will get access to every single course in the Academy and be notified when new ones hit the library.

How often will new courses be added?

New courses will be added to the Academy on the 1st of every month.

Can I request a specific new course or topic?

Absolutely! The whole point of our program is that is it made for our community and by our community. You can send in requests at any time by filling out our course request form on your University Home Page.

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Take a sneak peek at what you'll find
inside the university...
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Let's be honest, no program is for everyone.
the University is for you if...

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You are ready to ditch the 9-5 (like yesterday) and want full control over the timeline.

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Your VA journey has hit a sudden halt due to a surplus of conflicting information or lack of any.

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You are ready to learn from someone who can show you their actual bank statements, reviews from clients and PROOF that these strategies have worked for them.

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You believe in making the choice to become a successful VA accessible to everyone regardless of their budget.

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You crave a learning community of like-minded humans who want to work together to find success and happiness without sacrificing their mental health or families in the process.

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