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when you want real partners with real results...

you work with Rayla and the D9TO5 Team

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Rayla Elkey
Hello, I'm

I'm a virtual assistant with 6+ years of experience and a Master's Degree in Business Administration and Entrepreneurship. I use this knowledge as well as my background running several of my own companies to help entrepreneurs around the world.

My superpower is my FITFO (figure-it-the-f*ck-out) attitude.

I tackle the tricky issues for my clients while they focus on what they do best for their customers. Whether that means doing a deep dive on Google, attending a webinar, registering for a course, or calling in one of my clients know it will get done. 

I believe:

The best way to work with someone is to be 100% honest at all times. My "playful professionalism" as my clients call it, is my claim to fame. I have my sh*t together when it comes to my business, but I most definitely will show up to a meeting in a band t-shirt with my faithful furry friends napping in the background. This casual atmosphere has allowed my clients to let their guard down, trust me and allow me to truly take over.

I'm not about:

Unhealthy client relationships. I am a firm believer that boundaries and respect are the basis of any great client relationship. Clients who are looking for someone to make them "hit 6 figures in 6 months", be available 24/7, and/or have any other unrealistic expectations will be unhappy with the way I do things. I make guarantees that I will be on my A game but I am not the be-all tend-all for your business. 

You can find me:

Going on adventures. I am a military spouse which means that my husband and I are always picking up and moving to a completely new location. In the last few years, I have lived on 3 continents! I love traveling (especially with my really handsome husband and 4 furbabies. But I also enjoy the little things like a good book, laying in my hammock, trying new recipes, growing flowers, and playing poker with my family every time they come to visit.





Executive Assistant

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Graphic + Web Designer


ashleigh waddell

Administrative Assistant

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Sales Funnel Designer


andrada hlatca

Graphic + Web Designer

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Becca lynn


Video Editor

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Kalyn parrish

Financial Health Expert

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Online Business Manager



Social Media Manager

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