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business strategy calls
Personalized business coaching sessions
singular strategy session

A single 60-minute session that is focused, action-oriented, and intended to give you practical solutions that you can implement immediately. This session will be followed by homework and detailed meeting notes available in your very own portal.


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learning community

A fun, safe, and engaging place to get your sh*t together, ditch the 9-5 and live the life you want to life!

strategy packs for business coaching
social media marketing

An intense 4-week curriculum on the ins and outs of social media marketing as a whole as well as the preferred platform of the student's choosing. Students will learn how to optimize their profile, the art of engagement, how to create a sustainable content calendar, and the science of trends.


email marketing

A 4-week crash course on email marketing where students will learn the basics of the trade as well as how to improve on their current knowledge. Sessions will focus on how to write subject lines that catch the eye, designing emails that get clicked, writing copy that speaks to the audience, and automating as much as possible!


outsourcing like a pro

A 4-week intense curriculum centered on the scary concept known as outsourcing. Within these sessions, we will further your understanding of outsourcing safely and efficiently. This includes how to hire reliable help, tools to put in place to keep yourself safe with online contractors, and exercises that allow you to open up your to-do list to others. 


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