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Why do I call BS on the $60/HR Promise?

I get this question a lot.

A lot of people wonder how I can be successful without making $60/hour consistently and why do I call BS on most "virtual assistants" out there than promise that you can make $60...

It's all in the details folks because I am NOT saying that you can't make $60 per hour as a virtual assistant.

In fact, with some of my clients...I do make $60/hour.

However, those clients are not my major source of income.

I make over $5000 per month from being a virtual assistant and I usually work about 20-30 hours per week. I also make income from my 1:1 mentoring sessions, webinars, passive income streams and the occasional project from a new client.

So, don't get me wrong you CAN be wildly successful as a virtual assistant without working full time.

What I do disagree with are the familiar faces on many social platforms that say things like:

"I make $60/hour as a virtual assistant and you can too with absolutely no experience!"
"I started my virtual assistant business last month and now I make six figures!"
"You can become a virtual assistant in a week and start making $60 per hour!"

..the thing is that none of these statements are necessarily lies...they just leave a few things out like...


I know lots of virtual assistants who make $60 an hour...but they don't call themselves super successful nor have they quit their 9-5 because they aren't making it CONSISTENTLY. For example, let's say you get hired to make a logo and you charge them $120 (super cheap btw). This logo took you about 2 hours from start to finish, so you made $60/hour. That is a true statement, but it's super misleading if you were to go around telling people that...isn't it?


Again, this is still a true statement. You can say that you are a virtual assistant and you make six figures. That doesn't mean you are making six figures FROM being a virtual assistant. I'd like to point out that I have never come across someone who is a virtual assistant, claims to make six figures and DOES NOT charge at least $500 for their course on how to become a virtual assistant.

Let's do the math shall we?

A six figure income means that you are pulling in at least $100,000 annually. That's about $8334 per month. So for someone who has a course that costs $500...that's signing up 17 people a month. It's only 8 people if you are charging $1000. Sound easier now?


Yes, there are CERTAIN services that you can offer as a virtual assistant with really no experience. These specific services can be done with zero experience because they will be different for every single client, so you really only need to be:

  • hardworking

  • fast learning

  • GREAT at communicating

These would things like general administrative virtual assistants who are handling organization, calendars, taking meeting notes and following pretty specific instructions. In fact, a lot of these positions have full training included and you'll be treated like an employee (even though you're not). HOWEVER, general admin assistants are usually some of the lowest paid virtual assistants because they are doing things that require no experience. People pay for experience and why hire someone who wants to charge them $60/hour when you have nothing to get them to trust that you'll get the job opposed to another general admin VA who charges $20/hour? let's recap here because I'm not making this post to discourage you from becoming a virtual assistant. I love what I do.

And I'd like to remind you that I still make a killer income as a virtual assistant AND I'm not even doing it full time. I'm also juggling this while doing grad school (yeah I know I'm crazy).

I wanted to make this so that you don't fall for the same traps that I did because yes there are amazing, beautiful and WONDEFUL people in this world....but there are also sneaky, conniving, money-hungry people too!

XO -Rayla

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