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success stories
Julie Birkeneder company logo

"Rayla and her team (Madison, my VA, and Monica, Rayla’s right hand!) have literally been lifesavers to me! Investing in their expertise was literally my best business decision of 2022. All three took the time to get to know me personally and genuinely care about understanding every individual’s needs and personality. They committed to figuring out those tasks that had me overwhelmed and stuck! Rayla recommended specific strategies that would organize my daily habits and free me to focus on the parts I love. Madison is a graphic artist and designer extraordinaire and has grown my brand in a beautiful way that I’m proud of. She manages and produces much of my content and created an incredible ebook and funnel for me that is now converting and escalating my business! Rayla meets with me monthly to help me set specific goals and brainstorms awesome ideas to continue to bring out the best in me and for me. If growing your business is feeling overwhelming, I cannot recommend Rayla and her team highly enough!

business coach
Julie Birkeneder
Storybook Entertainment Hawaii Company Logo

"Madison is really a gem for any company who gets the opportunity to work with her. I have known Rayla for a long time and even as a teenager she was destined to be a girl boss. It didn’t surprise me and all that she has developed her own thriving business and gathered a team of other knowledgeable and helpful ladies to assist those such as myself. In the long run, I had to hire an in-person person to pick up my slack in my physical office, but where my downfalls would have caused others to drop the ball or run the other way she really took the initiative to create and continue on with her tasks without much guidance. Even when I was never able to attend our scheduled weekly Zoom meetings, she was there rain or shine waiting in case I decided to pop in. I think she will be a great addition to a business that can really give her the resources to work with. She’s a wonderful, intelligent person with great ideas and experience."

Casey Fortuno
actress, ceo of storybook ent.
Beach Boss Influencers Company Logo

"COO from Beach Boss Influencers here wanna give Rayla Elkey and her team at Ditching the 9 to 5 a shout-out!
We started our business with nothing, and now hitting 7 soon 8 figures revenue a year with the help of Rayla's team in social media management, customer support, and graphic design. Most importantly, we are able to work on the business not in it, giving us peace of mind. Highly recommend them if you are looking to grow your business by leveraging their expertise."

Benjamin Pang
coo of beach boss influencers
Baby Notebook App Company Logo

"I recommend Ditching the 9-5 to anyone who will listen! We love that we can build our start-up by scaling how much help we need and adding as we go. The VAs we work with are helping with customer service and managing orders. They are doing an awesome job and are really easing up the workload so we can continue to focus on growing our company. Hiring them was one of the best decisions we made last year. I highly recommend them if you need to grow your business but you are too busy! The VAs that are working with us are helping with customer service and managing orders."

Suzanne Hansson
co-owner of the baby notebook app
Life Aligned Wellness Company logo

"Adding VAs from Ditching the 9-5 has been a wonderful experience! They have eased the workload, generated quality content, are responsive to feedback, and deliver in a consistent timely manner! I would highly recommend them!"

Chris Cox
ceo of life aligned wellness
Fran Loubser Company logo

"Rayla and her team have literally been a lifesaver! She took the time to get to know me and has literally taken all the pressure off building my business, she has grown my brand, helped me be everywhere on social media and comes up with awesome ideas to continue to grow. If growing your business is feeling overwhelming, I cannot recommend Rayla and her team highly enough!"

Fran Loubser
business coach
AJC Publications Company logo

"Ditching the 9-5, Rayla Elkey, Bianca, and Madison were instrumental in getting my first book published. I had no idea how to create a landing page or manage a CRM, and Bianca and Madison handled it all, were open to my feedback, made changes and corrections immediately, and were overall just a pleasure to work with. With their help, the book launch was a huge success and reached the #1 new release in multiple categories on Amazon. I can't thank you guys enough for all of your hard work!"

Amy Coroso
financial education instructor
Primary Logo.png

"Rayla and her team have taken my business to the next level. Their experience and professionalism is wonderful. I love that she also has a creative team that can design and do social media management. Highly recommend!"

Amanda Welch Lewis
Womens wellness clinic

"Rayla and her team have been SUCH a huge asset to my business. I have gotten so much done thanks to the work of Madison. I cannot describe how much time she’s saved me. I love the whole vibe of this agency too. Super professional and efficient. The systems are so organized…I’m obsessed!!"

Laura Martinez
Digital marketing strategist
Purple Abstract Handwritten Brand Logo.png

"Not your standard VA! This is the service I knew I needed, but couldn't articulate and I'm SO GLAD the universe sent them my way!!! I have lots of moving parts, and using this service as a serial entrepreneur is a serious GAME CHANGER for me!"

Molli Lou Hollows
Business consultant
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